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Frank was in demand as a commentator on military history, especially where logistic flavour was required. He made two videos with Leading Edge for DD Videos.


British Campaigns: The Western Desert

Now the British were driven back. Tobruk fell under siege - but the line was held. Then, strengthened by reinforcements, a second offensive by Rommel rolled the British back to El Alamein where his weary troops were finally checked. Montgomery took charge of the British 8th Army and the scene was set for a clash of epic proportions between tow of the greatest commands of the Second Word War. This is the definitive film record of the war in the Western Desert, focusing on the battles and campaigns fought by British and commonwealth forces from 1940 to the fall of Tunis and comprised almost entirely of front line footage recorded by combat cameramen. Apart from rare capture Italian and German film, also included are film 'rushes' and Movietone newsreel outtakes which have never been shown before. the entire campaign is covered in considerable detail, along with the air war and Middle Eastern convoys. Fascinating 'then and now' footage reveals the battlefields as they are today and there are detailed comparisons of the armour and weaponry used by all sides. There are also exclusive interviews with surviving British veterans, filmed on the battlefield, as well as Viscount David Montgomery and Manfred Rommel, the sons of the legendary commanders, expert analysis by Colonel Frank Steer (Commander Supply for the British Forces in the Gulf War), coverage of the last visit of the 'Desert Rats' to Tobruk in 2001 and much more.



Arnhem - A Bridge Too Far

Explore the Arnhem battlefield on a fascinating 'war walk' in the company of acclaimed Arnhem author Frank Steer, courtesy of Tours With Experts. You'll visit the key battle sites such as Oosterbeek, the Hartenstein Hotel and of course the bridge itself, and listen to exclusive accounts of the battle supplied by surviving veterans. Supporting the battlefield tour is rare and unseen archive footage of Operation Market Garden.


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