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"What a lovely day. You probably know how much I enjoyed it. People say I'm the worst poker player in the world as I show my emotions on my face. If I had been only slightly bored, you would have see it!" John Craig, St Johns Wood 

"It was amazing. Your knowledge and understanding were tremendous, but it was the way you used that knowledge to tell the story that was so impressive." Mike Kessel, Sheffield


"Brilliant tour - Frank Steer was excellent." Linda Smith, Hitchin

"Great tour, and a speaker who lived up to your name (expert)." Graham Francis, Littlehampton

"I am very grateful to you for bringing it to life. It is one thing to hear about the facts and view the ground, but what I personally enjoy is hearing what the participants had to say about it all - the Lynn McDonald approach if you like. Your anecdotes from those veterans you have interviewed just add so much colour." Lieutenant Colonel C R Prince, 7 Transport Regiment RLC

"...a big thank you for the excellent battlefield tour you conducted for us, it truly was an outstanding success. To please all ranks from Lance Corporal to Lieutenant Colonel is no mean feat. You made it interesting and informative, but most of all you made it human, which is important." Lieutenant Colonel I McPherson, 16 Regiment RLC 

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